In Sellsword VR, how you fight actually matters.

Swords and enemies have multiple hit zones.  A stab might be a critical strike on a Goblin, but does very little to a Skeleton.  

Stagger enemies to land combo hits.  You can trip lighter enemies by sweeping their legs, then land a fatal blow to the head when they fall!

Wide swings do more damage – wiggle swords are for peasants!


For now, there are 3 weapons available, which give players an easy (Steel Sword), normal (Iron Sword), or hard (Wooden Sword) challenge.

More weapons, shields, and accessories will be available in the SHOP update, coming soon.


Sellsword VR features different enemies who have a class / job, just like you!  Goblin Footmen, Rogues, and Slingers each fight differently, have different weak points and stats.

Skeletons have Footmen, Knight, Archer, and Sorcerer classes.

As we add levels to the game, you’ll see all of these enemies and more.  We’ve got Spiders, Naga, and Golems coming soon – but what we think you’ll really enjoy are Subjugation Missions we have planned for Story Mode.  Your target in these mission will be a notorious monster who will require more than just brute strength to defeat.